Personal Development Credits

Since September 2012, all public high school students in Nova Scotia have been able to earn personal development credits and have these count as one of the five elective credits they need to graduate. 

Students can earn personal development credits in three areas: arts, languages, and leadership.

Personal Development Credit Policy

Students & Families

A wide range of personal development credits are available to public high school students during the school year. Please check back on this site for updates. For more information you can also speak with a school counsellor a principal or vice-principal.

Approved Providers and Courses for 2023-2024

Personal Development Credits: Information for Students and Parents/Guardians

Student Notification Form (MS Word Version)


The Department has approved and is currently working with multiple organizations. Please view the Approved Provider and Course List for this school year and the Personal Development Credit Requirement Information for Schools for further information.

Approved Providers and Courses for 2023-2024

Personal Development Requirement Information for Schools

Course and Program Providers

Handbook and Application for Organizations Interested in Becoming Approved Providers

The handbook is organized in four sections: 

  1. Nova Scotia’s Personal Development Credit Policy: an overview of the principles, requirements and key guidelines as they relate to course and program providers. 
  2. Applying to Become an Approved Provider: important information about the application and approval process. 
  3. Application to Become an Approved Courses or Program Provider (MS Word version).
  4. Application Checklist: a quick summary of steps to follow should your organization decide to apply to become a course and program provider.
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