Technology Education

Technology Education courses are designed to help develop the students' abilities to solve problems, become independent learners, thinkers, and decision makers. 

Careers of the future will require people who are skillful, innovative, able to adapt to change, and who know how to tackle problems. Technology Education helps develop all these attributes in a fun and meaningful way. 

Technology Education employs a wide variety of hands-on activities including trades related learning which utilizes technological resources and processes to design, fabricate, and test solutions to familiar and unfamiliar problems.

Technology Education Courses

Technology Education at the junior high school level provides students with an introduction to three major areas or strands of Technology Education. These include:

  1. Communications and Multimedia Technology - experiences in photography, multimedia, video production, graphic design, a variety of printing processes, animation, technical design (drafting), and electronic broadcasting
  2. Energy, Engineering, and Innovation Technology - exploration in energy utilization, energy production, electronics, transportation, automotive technology, rocketry, flight, and forms of power
  3. Production Technology - experiences related to building construction, manufacturing, and  production, focused on providing safe working experiences using a variety of equipment and tools, processing raw materials into a useable product

At the senior high school level, the availability of Technology Education courses will depend on the offerings at the specific school site. 

These may include:

  • Exploring Technology 10 
  • Construction Technology 10 & 12 
  • Production Technology 11 & 12
  • Communications Technology 11 & 12
  • Design 11
  • Energy, Power, and Transportation Technology 11
  • Electrotechnologies 11
  • Film and Video Production 12
  • Multimedia 12
  • Audio Recording and Production 12
  • Computer Programming 12 

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